"In the moment you feel that passion and energy are dominating you, just let them go out, then you will be creating"

Argentine specialist in informatics and painter; born in Buenos Aires, on February 23th, 1961.

From an early age he discovered a passion for drawings and comics. Then, distracted during his teenage period, this passion fell asleep in a very special place in his heart.

In 1991 he obtained the title of Specialist in Informatics, and he started to study, based on his own capabilities,  tools such as graph design and Web page development.

During 2006, the sleeping love for drawing became awake again, and took possession of the artist, making him realize that his passion for art will never be given up again.

In 2007 he started taking painting lessons with Prof. Inés Tarducci, who is actually giving him all her experience, willpower and patient to this painter on his way to arts.

From the union of self-learning and unconditional love for arts, this page has been born, expecting that you enjoy it with the same intensity it has been created.

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